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The Magic Disco For Weddings

We can create a perfect package for your perfect day. Our magic will become a talking point.

Very Flexible

We happy to work with you to build an entertainment package to meet your needs

2 Entertainers

Both are magicians. This can be a real bonus meaning we can ensure that everyone can see a least one magic trick

The Magic Disco For All Events

Whatever event you are planning we can create a great value package for you. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family Parties, Engagements, Weddings, and much more Call us now 01992 352000

The Magic Disco For Your Event

Truly Unique Evening of Fun And Entertainment


About The Magic Disco

The Magic Disco really is a standalone solution for all type of events. There was a time that Magic was out of vogue. Once again magic is cool. For many years magic was that thing you booked for kids parties. Magicians were seen more as clowns and not something that adults should enjoy. David Blaine burst on to our TV screens over 20 years ago.  That’s when Magic became cool once again. Since then many magic TV shows have been broadcast. Magicians are once again household names. Magic becomes the talking point. Imagine a miracle happening right in front of your eyes. No camera tricks!

It’s not all about magic there is also the disco. With over 30 years of making great parties Gary the DJ can play the right music to get you dancing.

Dancing is almost a given at all parties. Booking The Magic Disco doesn’t mean that you will be short changed. Gary Scott is a highly experienced mobile DJ. He is an expert wedding DJ. Weddings are often said by DJs to be the hardest event to work. There are only a few DJs with this level of experience. His experience doesn’t stop at weddings. He can make any event a great party. His knowledge of music is vast. More importantly, knowing which songs work well on the dance floor.

The Magic Disco brings together, two talented entertainers, Kevin Flannery & Gary Scott. Both highly accomplished in their arts. Kevin one of the best up and coming magicians. Kevin is the master of sleight of hand. Kevin’s stage show is packed full of laughs. Gary brings a wealth of experience as a DJ. Has worked for many blue-chip clients, yet is equally at home working for a family party. Gary has an extensive music knowledge. Gary has also studied the art of magic. This means that Gary is also able to perform magic alongside Kevin. If you have a large number of guests, this is ideal to ensure everyone gets to see at least one magic trick.

Gary & Kevin will design a package to fit your needs. Gary is an expert wedding DJ. He has DJed for many brides and grooms. He knows what works for weddings. Kevin is the magician. What he doesn’t know about wedding magic isn’t worth knowing. Together you get the combined talents of Gary & Kevin. They work together to create a perfect atmosphere. Although Gary is the DJ, he can also perform magic. He has studied some of the world’s top magicians. When booking The Magic Disco it’s like you get two for one. For example, during the drinks reception, both Gary & Kevin can perform magic for your guests. This means it is likely that all of your guests will see at least one trick. A solo magician may not have time to get to everyone.

Kevin & Gary worked to create this truly unique evening of magical entertainment. Blending both magic and dancing. They will consult with you to choose a perfect package. If it’s small Children’s party or a massive corporate event, they have a package for you. Call to discuss your plans. 01992 352000

An example of a four-hour event. This is not set in stone and will be tailored to your event.

During the arrival of your guests, walk around magic. Kevin and Gary will welcome and amaze your guests. The magic will happen close and even in their hands. To help create the perfect atmosphere background music will be playing. Approx. 1 – 1 ½ hours

(Optional)  Magic Show

Your guests will be encouraged to view the stage cabaret show. Kevin’s comedy style magic show will have your guests in stitches. While Gary will gel the show together with a few magic tricks to amaze. Approx. 45 Minutes – 1 Hour

Time to boogie

The final part of the evening it’s time for dancing. Gary will Dj, playing big dance floor fillers. Allowing your guests to let their hair down. Gary is one of the area’s highly recommended DJs. For those with two left feet, Kevin will continue to amaze with walk around close up magic.

If your event is longer than 4 hours, we can devise a package to suit your event. Both Kevin and Gary are experienced in many types of events: Birthdays, Weddings, Presentations evenings, corporate events. Parties etc.

The Magic Disco brings together, two talented entertainers. Kevin Flannery & Gary Scott, both highly accomplished in their arts.
Kevin has a list long list of happy clients. He has performed at hundreds of events, for thousands of people. Close up magic is ideal for Wedding, Birthdays and Corporate Events.
Gary brings a wealth of experience as a DJ. He has worked for many well known companies, yet is equally at home DJing for a family party. You may know Gary from the radio. He can be heard on a number of radio stations, both local & national.
Gary has also studied the art of magic. This means that Gary is also able to perform magic alongside Kevin. If you have a large number of guests, this is ideal to ensure everyone gets to see at least one magic trick.







The Magic Disco For Your Event

For Celebrating: Birthdays, Anniversaries & more
Time for a party to celebrate. For your special event, The Magic Disco will make the celebration a truly magical party. Let us entertain your friends and family with great music and eye-popping magic.
The Magic Disco For Great Weddings
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The Perfect Solution For Corporate Events
Gary & Kevin have a long list of happy blue chip clients. They can design a package for you. Want to impress your clients? Maybe you want to get a sales message across or just have fun? We can work...
Truly Unique Evening of Fun And Entertainment
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